The Team

driving the vision and success of LaunchX

Our leadership team represents a fusion of extraordinary talents in high-end technology, product innovation, and strategic vision. With deep-rooted expertise in their respective fields, our leaders collectively steer the ship towards groundbreaking achievements. Their seamless collaboration translates cutting-edge technology into ingenious products, all while driving a strategic direction that propels us into new frontiers of success.

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Vineet Dwivedi

Founder & CEO
IIT KanpurPearsonKyocera

Tech entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in leading and managing technology teams, designing and implementing scalable systems, using cutting edge data science/machine learning tools and developing large-scale data-driven platforms on the cloud.


Anuraag Dubey

Co-Founder & COO
IIT BHUPractoEdureka

Anuraag specialises in aligning Product & Business strategy, Stakeholder Management, Cross-functional collaboration, and orchestrating execution with large product & engineering teams for multi-sided platform businesses across Digital spectrum - Mobile, Desktop, Social and Web.