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How does it work?

Week 1-2

Conceptualization and Planning

During these initial weeks, the team will define the app's purpose and audience, refine its features, and create a user flow for seamless navigation. The emphasis will be on careful planning, technology selection, and API integration to ensure a solid foundation for the development phase.

Week 3-4

Design and UI Mockups

In this phase, the focus shifts to turning ideas into visual representations. The team will create detailed UI mockups that reflect the app's appearance and interactions. This stage culminates in a clickable prototype, allowing stakeholders to experience the app's flow firsthand.

Week 5-10

Development of Prototype

Development takes center stage as both the frontend and backend of the app begin to take shape. Integrating third-party services and crafting core functionalities will be the priority, ensuring that the prototype is not only visually appealing but also functional and interactive.

Week 11-12

Testing & Refinement

The final stretch involves rigorous testing and refinement based on user feedback. Any identified issues will be addressed, and the focus will shift to optimizing performance for a seamless user experience. The process concludes with a comprehensive presentation of the polished prototype.

Case Study


A social polling app

Users can create visual polls for anything using Pollsta. They pick between 2 - 4 photos on any topic they want to collect feedback and post.


  • Cross platform app (Flutter)
  • Micro-services backend (Golang/PostgreSQL)
  • Social design with like, follow and share
  • Safe Search with Porn Filter
  • Text/visual search (Elastic)
  • Recommendation Engine (Vector DB)
  • Dockerized for auto-scaling
  • Load tested for 10 million daily active users (DAU)
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